Choosing CBD oil, is a very daunting process,and can be quite confusing and overwhelming with certain companies using sales tactics like “we hand pick our own buds/tuck them in at night with hot chocolate and marshmallows, and super duper triple distilled” (OK, so I made 2 of them up) , but you kind of see the picture)

I’m not saying that any of these products from the other companies are inferior, however when choosing CBD oil, it all boils down to one thing…..

It’s not about how fancy the website makes it sound……

It’s not about how shiny and sparkly the bottle is…..

It’s not about how sexy that woman looked in the advert……

And believe me….. She was sexy!

Well what is it then??

Lab analysis reports!!! …..

Which is why we have our product batch tested externally, at a local lab and display this clearly on our website, which gives you accurate information as to how much cbd is in the product.

Here at Cbd-elicious, we have a no nonsense, no bull policy,

We don’t have to claim any lies about our product, because we know the lab report speaks for itself……

Our cbd oil, is made by a leading manufacturer in the USA,90%cbd gold distillate is accurately diluted into organic Mct oil, at a calculation that accounts for the 10% loss difference, so if it says 5000mg,then it contains 5000mg.

Not all companies do this, but we feel that you should get what you pay for, and what it says on the label,(not in the tiny small print on the back) Some companies also use 60% distillate, so you’re losing 40% off what it says on the label!!

You work hard for your money, so when you buy something, you should be getting exactly what it says on the label.

Which is why at Cbd-elicious,we’re committed to keeping that promise. Our CBD oils are made from natural and organic industrial hemp that contains no GMOs, heavy metals, or insecticides and are 100% gluten-free And contains only 100% natural flavours and only a tiny negligible amount of sweetners “sucrose to be precise! ” So you can rest assured, that all you are consuming, is a naturally sourced product, with natural flavours…. And NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS!

At Cbd-elicious, we do the hard work, so you don’t have to…

Our Team